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Hello please register to start playing our private server(562 + summoning + high def + cape emotes) We also offer botting! please join now and donate!

Even $1 helps! all the donations will help our site become better.

Some goals we have with donations.

1) a .org domain
2) Vbulliten hosting (not nulled)
3) Better Theme (bought) Ex. Catalysm

Thanks for registering and using our site! Please come again!

Please Donate & Reffer All ur freinds the person who gets most people ill be giving Advertising Mod rank to!!
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 Active users + recruiters = high chance of mod/admin/ co-owner

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mari juana<3
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PostSubject: Active users + recruiters = high chance of mod/admin/ co-owner   Thu Jun 17, 2010 10:05 pm

Hey you guys, long time no talk? theirs been littlery no one active on the forums and our members count is just barley going up about 2 people per week now! and theirs so many spaces for extra threads/ responses! so as the head mod i'm holding alittle competition sort of thing. over the next few weeks i'll be checking every day to see whos active/recruiting/responding to threads. and i'll pick a few people (probably like 2-3) and reffer then to be on the top of list for promotions! Very Happy

but the rules are:
-Don't just spam "" over like ever other site their is
-Don't respond to topics with just like "nice/cool/(:/sweet" has to be atleast 4+ word responce's!
-Don't make random threads
-Don't post threads in the wrong sections either

good luck to all of you! and please be active again! Very Happy

One more thing, you if you guys can, code your own server and send it in to either me or Achr0n (mike) and could posabily use your server as our main server if it's like uber 1337 awesomly good, or we could use idea's from it and you could win staff potions for doing so! (mod/admin/co) also if its your server were using you'll get either admin/co owner/owner depending on how good it is(: instead of sending them into me or mike just post them in the "server discussion" forum tab and in your title say something like "(your name)'s RSPS" or something.

-Mari juana
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Active users + recruiters = high chance of mod/admin/ co-owner
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