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 Regarding the set-up of the forum

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PostSubject: Regarding the set-up of the forum   Sat Jun 26, 2010 4:05 pm

I was just browsing around and I noticed some areas that could use some minor revision.

1. Many forums/categories have no explanations - It might be a good idea to provide some insight on the purpose of the forum aforementioned.

2. Basic conventional errors - If the site wants to attract member-flow and heavy traffic, it might a good idea to have proper conventions (this entitles spelling errors and other basic punctuation errors). For example - There is a forum named "sports". Surely, if the administrators of the site would not put in the time to make proper conventions, why would they take the time to make their stay enjoyable?

3. Don't emphasize donations - Yes, I do realize that this is surely an important aspect of maintaining a successful forum. But when I first went on the site, the first thing I noticed was a banner asking for donations. In my opinion, it demonstrates a sense of vulnerability and a certain degree of poorness and begging. It's not a great sign.

4. Distinguishing between "Moderators" and "Moderator" & "Administrators" and "Admins" - I think the point the administrators were trying to convey was that one is a Global Moderator and the other is just a Moderator. Maybe it's a good idea to make one title "Global Moderator" to properly distinguish the two. The second "Administrator" part just confuses me.

5. Adding GFX to each rank - On all the other forums I've been on, there has always been a GFX icon representing a rank. For example, Sythe uses pictures such as:

6. Adding a SFA section - Maybe it'll be a good idea to add some intelligent debates/discussion to the pretty well-rounded forum Smile

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Regarding the set-up of the forum
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